The Documentary. Dirigida por Antonio Peláez BarcelóThis documentary explores the vast possibilities of creating alternative forms of delivering the story, pushing the limits on how traditional dialogues can be intertwined, experimenting on digital mix-media, and opening the discurse to assay. The film compiles images randomly producing six different versions. (Aguirre) the anti-documentary brings us the opportunity to discover Spanish director Javir Aguirre, directed by Antonio Peláez Barceló.

Blockbusters vs. Anti-Cine. Spanish director Javier Aguirre has been working on cinema with a track-record of over 60 years, directing some of the most box-office commercial films in Spain.

Likewise,  Javier Aguirre has created avant-garde, experimental, short and feature films, breaking all the established rules of the cinema industry.

Aguirre has worked with thriving top-notch Spanish actors (Javier Bardem, Esperanza Roy, Fernando Fernán Gómez, …).  Aguirre’s Anti-Cine films have been shown at museums and centers of art, having tackled issues of understanding his art and censorship problems.

Aguirre has been screened in the Special Documentary section Malaga Film Festival 2017, the documentary section at Durban International Film Festival 2017 in South Africa. Aguirre will be shown in Madrid this upcoming October in the PNR Film Festival. 

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