Interview with Dan Bickle, SingTO choir director

I interviewed Dan Bickle for the social networks of SingTO, a non-professional choir in which I participate as a bass singer.

I conducted the interview you can see below (subtitled in nine different languages), from which I also extracted nine short vertical videos for social networks.

SCMS Conference presentation by Antonio Peláez Barceló

SCMS presentation about new scholarly approaches to film festivals by Antonio Peláez Barceló at SCMS 2023 Conference

SCMS, Society for Cinema and Media Studies, had its 2023 Conference in Denver, from April 12 to April 16.

Within the panel New Scholarly Approaches to Film Festivals, I’ve been the Chair and second panelist, with the presentation “Cultural diversity in film festivals: TIFF seen by local and foreign press”.

Sheraton Hotel at Denver, where the SCMS 2023 Conference was held from April 12 to April 16.

Teamwork: Reporting about an assaulter at Lakeshore Campus

A Toronto Police Car is parked outside Humber College Lakeshore Campus.

On March 30, 2023, a Humber College Professor of Multiplatform Journalism, shared a CTV news update about two assaults happening at Humber College Lakeshore Campus. He asked Humber Etcetera editors for a news story that same day.

As international editor, I offered myself and asked for the assistance of Humber College teammate Muhammad Hamza.

He not only agreed but arrived immediately and found out that neither guards nor students knew about what had happened two days before.

When I arrived with the camera, audio and video equipment, we both asked students and professors about the incidents that had happened two days before.

After showing the photos the police had distributed to several people, one student told us she had seen the suspect the day before and agreed to be recorded on camera.

We showed up later at 22 Division of Toronto Police, but they had no additional news about the suspect.

Nevertheless, we could interview Humber College’s director of public safety and emergency management Rob Kilfoyle, who gave us important details about the investigation.

Interviewing Kilfoyle with Muhammad Hamza has been a rewarding experience, as my classmate asked very important questions for our report, which can be read here.

Teamwork: Interviewing Gil Penalosa with Santiago Helou

Gil Penalosa being interviewed by Santiago Helou and Antonio Peláez Barceló.

On Feb. 10, 2023, Toronto mayor John Tory announced he was going to resign. It was 8.30 p.m.

That same evening, I texted to Gil Penalosa, the mayoral candidate who arrived on second place. I had already interviewed him and with other two classmates, we’ve covered his electoral night.

¨This maybe good for Toronto,” he replied agreeing to grant me an interview.

When I was going to pitch the story, I saw that one student of 2nd grade whom I met during the electoral night, Santiago Helou, wanted to interview him also.

I called him, he hadn´t already get in touch with Penalosa, so I asked him

Housing, TTC, sustainability: Penalosa’s focus in his quest for mayor’s chair

Interview with composer Michael Lee Bishop (Sundance 2023)

Sundance Film Festival Headquarters in Park City. 2023.

I’ve been covering Sundance Film Festival 2023 in person for Radiocine.

There I met composer Michael Lee Bishop, who has created the soundtrack for the film Aliens abducted my parents (and I feel kinda left out).

In this interview with Michael Lee Bishop we talk about how to learn music, how to create music for the screen, and where Michael will be having holidays after he finishes his next score, which coincidentally has also aliens in its title.

Antonio’s interviews, streamings and short films in English

Tamar Bird at Cannes Beach while being interview by Antonio Pelaez
Akshata Nail is an artist who made an installation followed by a workshop at Humber College’s hall.
Tamar Bird is a Canadian producer. She was at Cannes Film Festival as part of the market initiative Impact.
Max Hermans is the creator of Greenshot, an app that helps us to track the carbon footprint of our film production.
In this program, we talk about Canadian experimental cinema thanks to the release of the book
Moments of Perception (Experimental Film in Canada).
Our guests are: Barbara Sternberg, Jim Shedden (editors and co-authors of the book),
and Stephen Broomer and Michael Zryd (co-authors).
Author of over 53 films, Alanis Obomsawim (89) has received
the Jeff Skoll Award in Impact Media as part of the 2021 TIFF Tribute Awards.
Andréa Picard is programmer in Toronto International Film Festival. Among other responsibilities,
she is in charge of Wavelenghts, the section of TIFF devoted to experimental cinema.

Antonio’s books

Antonio's book Montaje y postproduction audiovisual Libro de Antonio: Montaje y postproducción audiovisual

The 2nd edition of Montaje y Postproduction Audiovisual (2022) has been published by Altaria Editorial:

2022 Book by Antonio Peláez Barceló: Montaje y postproducción audiovisual, 2a edición.
Click on the image to read an excerpt of the book.

You can find other Antonio’s books on Amazon Canada: