About Me

Antonio Peláez interviews filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin with a mobile portable studio.

I’m Antonio Peláez Barceló (aka, Antonio Peláez), journalist from Spain, now based in Toronto (ON, Canada).

I have a PhD on Communication Studies with the dissertation titled “Press coverage of cultural diversity at international film festivals: Cannes, San Sebastian and Toronto”. It was registered in July 2023 at CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain.

In addition, I have an Ontario Journalism Certificate by Humber College in Toronto.

Over more than 20 years of career I’ve been reporting mainly about film and culture , but also about health, wellness, politics and economics. For TV, radio and magazines. In July 2004 I founded Radiocine, a web-radio pioneer in podcasting, online streaming (audio and video) and new technologies, which is still running.

I’ve been covering Film Festivals with mobile devices since Cannes 2011 (iPad2, then). Nowadays I use different software and hardware to produce multicam programs, some of them streamed live: concerts, a 1hr talk between Cannes (France) and Málaga (Spain), videoconferences, etc.

I speak Spanish, English (C2), and French (B2).

Antonio Pelaez, receiving the ATR award
Receiving the ATR award in Madrid, Spain.

Besides reporting, I’ve been always specially attached to cinema.

I’ve written four books about cinema: Montaje y postproducción audiovisual (1st edition, 2015, and renewed 2nd edition, 2022, Altaria Editorial), Rafael Gordon, la conciencia (Huerga & Fierro, 2015), and Manane Rodríguez, voz en libertad (Éride Ediciones, 2017). I’ve also written a chapter for the book Cine centroamericano y caribeño, Siglo XXI (coord. Charo García Diego, Extravertida Editorial, 2021).

I’ve been editor, special effects creator and director assistant of the late Spanish avant-garde filmmaker Javier Aguirre.

I’ve also filmed several short films and one feature documentary: (aguirre), which was premiered at Málaga Film Festival.

Antonio Peláez Barceló presenting his feature documentary (aguirre) at Málaga Film Festival